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Protect Your Real Estate Interests In Contract Disputes

Contracts are at the heart of real estate transactions. The thoroughness and strength of the contract can directly influence the success of the transaction for all parties involved. When contract disputes arise, your interests may be threatened. Securing knowledgeable legal guidance is key.

I’m attorney Corey Szalai, and at my Seminole law practice – Corey Szalai Law, PLLC – I offer diligent legal services to address all manner of real estate-related contract disputes. I also help clients draft watertight real estate contracts to avoid the headaches and costs of disputes down the line. I bring to the table a thorough understanding of Florida real estate law, a deep understanding of the Tampa Bay area market and a dedication to affordable, effective legal services.

Common Types Of Florida Contract Disputes

Contract disputes in real estate refer to conflicts or disagreements that arise between parties involved in a real estate transaction regarding the terms, obligations, or performance of a contract. These disputes can occur at various stages of a real estate transaction, including before the sale, during the sale process, or after the sale has been completed. Here are some common types of contract disputes in real estate:

  • Breach of contract: This occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations as stated in the contract. For example, a seller might fail to deliver the property as agreed, or a buyer might not provide the promised funds on time.
  • Failure to disclose: Sellers have a duty to disclose certain information about the property’s condition or any known defects. If a seller fails to disclose material information, such as structural issues or environmental hazards, the buyer may claim a breach of contract.
  • Disputed property boundaries: Disagreements over property boundaries, encroachments, or easements can lead to contract disputes. It may involve conflicting surveys, unclear legal descriptions, or disputes over access rights.
  • Financing issues: If a buyer is unable to secure financing as specified in the contract, it can lead to a dispute. This may happen if the buyer’s mortgage application is rejected or if the agreed-upon loan terms are not met.
  • Title defects: If a property’s title has defects or undisclosed liens, it can create complications in the transaction. Title disputes may arise if there are competing claims, errors in public records, or fraudulent conveyances.
  • Earnest money disputes: Earnest money is a deposit made by the buyer to show their seriousness about purchasing the property. Disputes may arise if there is a disagreement over the release or forfeiture of earnest money, such as when a buyer fails to close the deal or a seller refuses to return the deposit.
  • Construction disputes: In cases involving new construction or renovation projects, disputes can arise if there are disagreements regarding the quality of work, delays, cost overruns, or failure to meet specifications.

To resolve contract disputes in real estate, the parties involved may try negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. In some cases, litigation may be necessary to seek a resolution through the court system. It’s important to consult with legal professionals familiar with real estate law to understand your rights and options when facing a contract dispute. I can help you with all of these options.

Navigate Real Estate Contract Disputes With Confidence

Real estate contracts are complex, and when disputes arise, you need a lawyer who not only understands the intricacies but also prioritizes your peace of mind. I’m ready to help you cut through the confusion and resolve conflicts with precision and care.

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